T&C Terms and Conditions for AWE


Cancellation Policy

Please note there we cannot guarantee cancellations. If you need to cancel your order please contact us as soon as possible. In certain circumstances when the cancellation notification was issued before the dispatch time, we may be able to offer you store credits. This is only if the item has not been dispatched. If the item has been dispatched already please refer to the Return and Exchange policy.

Return and Exchange policy

Each vendor working with AirWaterEarth marketplace has its own return and exchange policy. Therefore we cannot guarantee the possibility of returning or exchanging goods.


The items eligible for the returns or/and exchange must be returned in the unused and undamaged condition with all the tags and packaging. Goods returned used or damaged will not be eligible for the round.


If you want to know more about the return and exchange options please contact us to lease with the vendor of the product in question.

Refund Policy

In the event when the cancellation or a return has been approved the refunded payment will be subject to the administration fee. This fee is typically 5% of the purchase value and covers the administration and transfer costs.



AirWaterEarth offers delivery for all the goods ordered from the website. Because the goods are placed at different locations we are not able to guarantee pick-up opportunities. Some vendors may allow goods collection in which case the pick-up location will be shared with the customer after the payment for the order has been completed.


Cash on delivery

AirWaterEarth does not offer cash on delivery payment option. The items will be dispatched only after a full payment is made.


Import charges and VAT

Each country has its own import charges and/or VAT. You may want to check with your local post, FedEx, Aramex or customs office to find out just what these charges may be. You can consult this page for additional details: http://www.dutycalculator.com/country-guides/

Items shipped to UAE and Saudi Arabia are subject to 5% VAT charge that is added to your final order price.

AirWaterEarth does not take responsibility for the customs charges and the time involved in the process of releasing the goods from the customs. If AirWaterEarth sends an item out and it is then rejected by the customer due to these import charges the customer may not be able to get a refund by sending the item back. Refund will be only possible if the item purchased is eligible for the refund and the item is returned within the given time (agreed by each vendor separately). In this circumstances, the customer will be able to receive the full refund for the item minus the total shipping and returns administration costs (usually 5-10% of the total value of the order). The refund is only processed when the item is received at the warehouse in the unused condition and without any damage.


Dispatch and Delivery agreement

Vendors selling with AirWaterEarth agree to dispatch the goods within 48h from the moment of order confirmation sent to them. The dispatch of the item must be marked in the marketplace platform and the estimated delivery date must be provided directly to the customer or via the AirWaterEarth team. The delivery must be fulfilled according to the shipping ruler provided.

Delay or cancellation of the delivery

If for whatever reason the paid order delivery is cancelled or delayed beyond the time stated in the shipping rules the 10% charge will be incurred on the vendor for breaking the Dispatch and the Delivery agreement.

Rejecting orders

To avoid order rejection the Vendors are asked to provide up to date stock list along with the realistic shipping rules. If the stock list has not been updated and the bought item is no longer available the Vendor can offer an alternative item. Should this item not be accepted by the customer as a substitute the vendor will be charged 10% processing fee for the order rejection or cancellation.