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Most popular Stand-Up Paddleboards are the all around SUP boards.

All around SUP boards are the stand-up paddleboards that can be used in different conditions and places. This is why they are often the best choice for the beginners who have not established what their favorite SUP discipline is yet. The all-around stand-up board is good for everything but most likely it is not a technical board. Therefore the all-rounders are easy to use. Also, they are a good board to reach for if you don’t yet know which SUP board to choose, where you will paddle most and what discipline you like most.

All-around boards make the best SUP for learning how to stand-up paddle. That is because they are normally very stable and predictable. Although the allround SUP boards are in general board that can be used for any conditions, they are not discipline-specific SUP boards. For those who need a SUP board for surfing it is best to choose the bespoke Surf SUP. Those who want to do SUP Racing are best to choose a Race SUP. If you want to do a lot of exploring on your board you should consider a bespoke Touring SUP board. And if you want to stand-up paddleboard with friends or family the best choice will be a  Multiperson SUPs.

The most popular All-round Sup boards are often inflatable nowadays. Those inflatable SUPs provide a lot of Buoyancy and are easy to travel with.

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