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Light Wind days can be just as good to practice and enjoy kiting as those with the perfect 20knots. In order to fully enjoy the session in wind as low as 6 knots, you will need the right gear.
Over the last decade, kitesurfing developed a lot. The technologies and the materials used to produce the kites changed and improved the quality of riding. As the sport expands we get to know more and more about what does and what doesn’t work in kiting and the kitesurfing brands are implementing the changes to allow us to kite in almost any given conditions.
The materials used in Light wind kites are often lighter than the ‘ordinary’ ones. Thinner leading edges and a reduced number of struts will also contribute to the reduced weight of the kite and will make it fly better. The design of the kite is thought of in a way that allows the kite to fly just as good and as quick as the smaller kites would but delivering more power.
The best kite for light wind will be powerful yet quick. The old big kites were slow and sluggish but with the new materials and technologies, the performance improved.
Many kiters choose the foil kites as the best light wind options. The high aspect ratio kites such as foils allow better upwind performance so even with a very soft breeze you will not have to walk back upwind, but ride up.
A 12m foil kite often delivers as much power as a 17m inflatable kite or 19m inflatable kite. If you riding a hydrofoil board you may only need an 8m foil kite or a 10m foil kite instead of a 12m tube kite or 14m tube kite
Foil kites also have the advantage over the big inflatable kites as they do not require pumping. Pumping a 17 or a 19m kite can be quite a challenge especially in the hot weather so the self-inflating closed-cell foil kites are a perfect alternative. Or an electric pump of course!
The light materials used for light wind kites save up to 30% of kites weight, which improves the flying abilities and widens the wind range, but also makes the travelling easier. The kite packs smaller, taking up less space in your luggage when going on kitesurfing holiday and of course weights less.
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