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Hydrofoiling is not a new concept. We have seen hydrofoil used for foil sailing, foil surfing, foil windsurfing and even SUP hydrofoil, so inevitably foil kiting is becoming more popular now.

Hydrofoil kiteboard is made up of a long foil mast mounted underneath a special foil kiteboard. Hydrofoil board hovers above the water with just the hydrofoil ‘wings’ submerged, making foiling one of the best kiteboarding experiences.

With the less traction and special shape, the hydrofoil allows surfing small waves or kitesurf with less wind.

Kitesurfing above the water is not the only benefit of foil kiteboarding. Surfing foil makes light wind kitesurfing not just possible but also great fun.

When you have your foil board you don’t really need a special foil kite. You can do your flat water kiteboarding with your ordinary small kite.