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We wrote the category description for the other sports and when it came to biking we thought ‘do people really need to know what is cycling?’. Probably you know already that cycling is a sport using a bicycle- a sports equipment usually made of a bike frame, two bike wheels,  a chain and the steering handles. We said “usually” because there are also tricycles with three wheels or unicycles with just one wheel or tandem bikes with two seats and many other variations. A lot of the modern bikes will have bike gears, bike breaks, bicycle lights and maybe other bike parts that make the cycling experience more enjoyable and safer.

Cycling dates back to XIXth century and since became so popular that today half of the human population knows how to cycle (and even some animals! Just try to search for cycling monkey or a cycling dog, you will be amazed!).

Bicycles ate used for recreational cycling, race cycling, road cycling, mountain biking, exercise cycling, cross-country cycling, road cycling, acrobatic cycling and probably even more disciplines. City bikes, mountain bikes and road bikes are the most popular. City bikes are normally used for commuting and transporting small things like grocery shopping, Mountain bikes are often used for downhill cycling and are used by the adrenalin enthusiasts in the mountains and hills. Road bicycles are for those who like to measure the top speed and longest distances. Road cycling is an endurance sport.

Although general cycling is a safe sport, cycling accidents on the roads are not a rare thing. More extreme cycling disciplines, like mountain biking or freestyle biking with BMX, are more risk involving. To prevent cycling head injuries it is advised, and in some places even required, to wear a bicycle helmet at all times when cycling.

Cycling holidays started to become more popular and with the new designs of bike racks for mounting a bike on a car it very easy to take your bike with you wherever you go.