Why private kitesurfing lessons are the best way to learn?

Kitesurfing instructor teaching one person during private kitesurfing lesson in Dakhla, Morocco

Kitesurfing Lessons : private vs group option.

You have made the decision to learn kitesurfing. Maybe you got inspired by the friends, your boyfriend or girlfriend. Or maybe you fell in love with the sport after seeing it on one of the beaches you’ve visited. You worked hard and finally, you decided on the kitesurfing destination you will travel to take the kitesurfing lessons.

Now the question is: Which lesson option to choose?

Having spent some time researching kitesurfing schools you already know there are different kitesurfing lessons available. There are private kitesurfing lessons, semi-private kitesurfing lessons, and group kitesurfing lessons.

The main difference you will see is obviously the price. And as tempting as it may seem to book the cheapest option you may be actually losing money when booking the group kitesurfing lessons.

Are group lessons better value for money?

Kitesurfing requires a fair bit of instruction and supervision at the beginning. Sharing your kitesurfing instructor with 3 other people means you are getting just a quarter of the instructor’s time and attention. Sure, you will pay less. But you are paying for the ¼ of the lesson because there are others sharing the lesson with you.

Apart from the fact that you get less instruction and feedback from your instructor, there is also the aspect that you may be at a different level to the rest of the group. This may hold you back or put pressure on you. We all learn differently and progress at different paces with certain tasks.

Having to learn the new thing is stressful enough. Being watched by the other learners waiting impatiently for their turn makes it more stressful. You really want to have some time to make mistakes and learn from them without thinking your time with the kite is running out.

Who you are learning with makes difference.

During the first hours, you will be for sure sharing the kite with the other learners. We mentioned already that that means less practice time for you. What it also means is that if you are grouped with people bigger or smaller than you. Hence you may end up with the wrong equipment. In kitesurfing one size doesn’t fit all and depending on the wind conditions a 100kg dude will need a different kite than a 50kg girl.

You can probably guess by now that our experience taught us that group lessons are not the most efficient way of learning. We offer group lessons because they are good tasters for those who are not sure if kitesurfing is for them or not. Group lessons allow you to try it out and see how you feel at a very low cost.

When sharing the kitesurfing lesson is a good idea?

Cheap kitesurfing lessons in a group format are a great idea for a present if you want to introduce the sport to your girlfriend, dad or friend.  They also make a great bonding experience for the workmates or for stag dos or hen dos.

Kitesurfing instructor teaching two persons during group kitesurfing lesson in Dakhla
Learn Kitesurfing with Wind City Dakhla

For those who really want to learn efficiently, there are Private and Semi-private kitesurfing lessons. Those options give much better results.

Why private kitesurfing lessons work better?

Private lessons are by far the most effective way of learning. Having a 1 to 1 kitesurfing lesson means you get 100% of attention from your instructor. He or she will focus just on you and be able to give you an immediate feedback regarding what you are doing right and what can be improved.

Your equipment will be chosen specifically for you and you will not have to share it with other people. This means you will have more practice time to yourself. 1 hour of the lesson will be 1 hour of practice time as suppose to 12min in a group set-up (in a group lesson an hour of tuition is divided by 4 people -15min each minus the time that you ‘waste’ changing between people).

We are all beautifully different.

We all learn differently, some people require more theory, some like to observe how it’s done and the others learn by trial and error. Your kitesurfing instructor will recognize what works best for you and adjust the teaching methods precisely to your needs.

The record proves that the progress in kitesurfing is the best in private kitesurfing classes. But you don’t have to compromise your progress if you have a limited budget.

Semi-private lessons: almost perfect.

For those not quite prepared for the Private lessons, there is an option to take semi-private lessons.

Although you still need to share the time and kiteboarding gear with another person, there is only two of you so you get much more for your money and the changing doesn’t take as much time.

For less sporty people semi-private kitesurfing lessons actually work better than the private lessons. That is because they are less physically demanding. You will have the time to practice and then have a little break as the other person has a go.

Very often private lessons can be very tiring especially at the beginner stage. If you are not used to intense physical activity or get cold in the water quickly, sharing a kite with one other person is the best choice for you.

Ready to start kitesurfing? Book your kiting lessons or kitesurfing clinics today!

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