Kitesurfing is the New Golf – find out why

kitesurfing is a new golf : a man kitesurfing in suit

Some time ago when the former president Barrack Obama took a kitesurfing lesson with the legendary entrepreneur and keen kitesurfer Richard Branson. This is when the whole world got introduced to kiteboarding. From then on Kitesurfing is the New Golf. 

Kitesurfing used to be seen as an extreme sport available only to young adrenaline junkies. But now it becomes a sport of choice for businessmen, pilots, doctors, lawyers and other prestigious people of any age.

We didn’t have to see the feature in the Time magazine to know that kitesurfing is the new golf. People who want to spend active holidays got bored of golf. And, let’s be honest, golf just isn’t as cool as kitesurfing.

But why comparing kitesurfing to golf and not some other sport?

Similar to golf kitesurfing is not the cheapest entertainment. The initial cost of kitesurfing lessons and the cost of kitesurfing equipment can be a bit scary at first. But once you have your kitesurfing gear all you need is water and some wind. And those things come free of charge from the mother nature.

Both golf and kitesurfing holidays attract people who like to travel to beautiful exotic destinations. Normally to access the best kitesurfing spots you will need a long haul flight. But once you reach the final, windy destination you will not want to leave.

Successful young people got drawn to the new sport more than to golf. This is why kitesurfing team building and networking events got more popular recently. You will enjoy meeting in the same kiting spot and sharing the same passion with like-minded people. You can start the conversation easy and build new private and business relations easy.

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