Why is kitesurfing the best hobby for digital nomads?

laptop with the palm trees in the background Sri Lanka kitesurfing holiday

Digital nomads who work from different geographical locations on their laptops often choose kitesurfing camps as their novelty ‘office’ environments. Working away from the office encouraged many people to travel further and choose one of the exotic destinations as their new temporary home and workplace.

Last decade’s technological advances changed the way we work. Every year more companies offer location independent positions for their employees and contracted freelancers. Working remotely opens the world of opportunities and the world of amazing sports’ destinations.

If you are still thinking why as a digital nomad you should start kitesurfing we’ll help you to form an opinion.

  1.  You will meet loads of amazing people very similar yet different to you.

Traveling to different kitesurfing destinations will allow you to meet other digital nomads. There are also other interesting people who share the same passion as you.

Kitesurfing Digital Nomad working at the kitesurfing spot
Wind City Dakhla offers some of the best options for the digital nomad office right at the kitesurfing spot in Morocco. Instagram Photo: wind_city_dakhla
  1. Deciding where to travel next gets easier.

There are so many amazing kitesurfing spots, you will never want to stop traveling. Many of the kiting sites work only at certain times of the year due to the seasonal weather conditions. Therefore you will be able to quickly know where to go next to catch the best wind.

  1. Hello, productivity!

Spending long hours staring at the laptop screen can make you feel tired and groggy. Kitesurfing is a great way to improve the blood circulation and supply the brain with more oxygen. As a result, your working results will most certainly improve just as much as your mood.

Bella Zanesco book author walking on the beach with the laptop and a kitesurfing kite
Bella Zanesco, an author of the internationally successful book “Smart Girls Screw Up Too” was working on her project from kitesurfing destinations including the Kitesurfing Lanka Kitesurfing camp where she wrote parts of her book. Instagram Photo: Bella Zanesco @bellazanesco
  1. Welcome to my office.

Kitesurfing spots are some of the best places you will visit. Working under a palm tree, sipping fresh coconut water and looking at the sea and sky decorated with colorful kites is so much better than your usual Starbucks set-up.

  1. No workout six-pack. You’re welcome!

Staying in shape while traveling is a not an easy task. Gyms are grim and often not worth joining, and motivating yourself to workout is a challenge on its own. Kitesurfing is not just a hobby, it is a great workout strengthening your legs, abs and core muscles.

  1. Work hard. Play hard.

Kiting camps are a good balance between work and pleasure. Although there are a lot of parties in the kitesurfing resorts and plenty of beach parties, their atmosphere is not as crazy as a backpackers’ hostel. This is why you can be sure you will be able to find the time and place to work and relax.

people partying at the Kitesurfing Lanka kitesurfing camp
Party after kitesurfing session or after a deep work session at Kitesurfing Lanka kitesurfing camp.

The bigger part of the work for AirWaterEarth is done remotely and some of it was conducted in Dakhla and in Sri Lanka. We are happy to recommend the Kitesurfing Lanka, Kitesurfing Mannar and Wind City Dakhla because we have been there, tested it and it was absolutely amazing. Now is your turn to check it out!

Looking for your next best digital nomad destination? Contact us for the spot recommendations. The quiet surroundings, perfect wind conditions, and fast internet access are the ultimate holiday essentials and we are happy to help you find all of those for your next workation.

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