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Stand-up Paddleboards

SUP boards are used for Stand-up Paddleboarding; a watersport that involves a large stable surfboard and a single blade paddle.The board allows the rider to stand up on it and move on the surface of the water by using the paddle.

SUP origin

The stand-up paddle surfing started in Hawai as early as 1900’s. Since then surfers using the upward position and a paddle can get to the break quicker and more efficiently. The idea of propelling oneself through the water using the paddle is linked to kayaking. However, the equipment used and the body position are different in standup paddle boarding.

SUP types

Since the popularisation of SUP in 2005 different disciplines of the sport started to emerge. That’s why now there are boards for: SUP racing, SUP touring, SUP yoga, SUP fishing, SUP rivers apart from the SUP surfing, the precursor of the sport.

Where to SUP

You can enjoy stand-up paddling in all sorts of conditions and different bodies of water. SUP in the Ocean normally involves catching waves with the SUP board. SUP on flat water like lake, bay or lagoon is good for learning standup paddle boarding, relaxed SUP paddling or SUP yoga. Even for those who like fishing, there are fishing SUP boards. These are equipped with chair and rod holders to make the experience even more enjoyable.

Learning SUP

SUPing is quite an easy sport. But, those who are thinking of racing with SUP boards will need to train harder. Similarly, those aspiring to challenge themselves with SUP river rapids need to step up the game. SUP is a very safe sport and there are not many Standup paddleboard accidents. Although SUP for beginners is normally safe you should take a SUP lesson to understand the techniques better.
Book the SUP lesson and learn how to stand-up paddleboard.