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AirWaterEarth is a marketplace for the outdoorsy enthusiasts of adventure sports. The platform came to life about 8 years ago and has since been developing, changing shape and growing just like anything in nature is. We embrace the change and recognize the influence of the environment around us to be able to adapt to it and create better innovations.

How came to life?

From the standalone online shop with some sports equipment; eventually,, with the help of and, became an international e-commerce platform for adventure sports. The idea to create a place for the sports enthusiasts with sports gear, adrenaline experiences, knowledge, and the right tribe sprung to life. Which is what reshaped and made its current form.

Who are the people who make AirWaterEarth?

It takes the certain kind of person to face the forces of nature and embrace the sports of the Air, the Water, and The earth. All the elements are unpredictable and powerful beyond our comprehension. Certainly using the Air, Water, and the Earth as your playground require not just the right set of skills and equipment but above all, it requires the right mindset, determination and a big dose of respect for the mother nature and her abilities. This mindset and the love and respect for nature make up the core values of

a couple kitesurfing during the sunset
KiteJunkies: kitesurfing lessons in Swinoujscie, Poland

AirWater earth is made of a team of passionate nature-lovers. We like to actively spend our free time. Therefore we want to share our knowledge and passion with the like-minded people. Hence we focus on creating the feeling of excitement globally for all the outdoor adventure enthusiasts.

The bigger picture!

There is more than just the adrenalin thrill in the adventure sports like kitesurfing, surfing, sup or mountain biking. That is why we believe in the awareness and sustainability. Therefore, we reach out to the sustainable holiday providers in the best kitesurfing spots and we look for the products made with less environmental impact. We praise the healthy and balanced lifestyle. We hope that the passion for outdoor sports can resonate in the bigger positive change. Even more, we want to encourage change not just on the personal level but on a global scale.

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Welcome to Welcome to The Tribe.

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