Adrenaline Sports and Yoga – match made in heaven!

adrenaline sports and yoga in sri lanka with sunset and palms

Have you seen more and more kitesurfing, surfing or cycling providers offering yoga classes along the kiting lessons? If you have been wondering why the high adrenaline sports get combined with the calm yoga then we are here to give you the answer. You will see how adrenaline sports and yoga are complementing each other like yin and yang and why you should start incorporating yoga into your sport’s routine too.

Adrenaline Sports and Yoga: long story short

Contrary to the western view yoga doesn’t only consist of the physical exercise. Yoga is a whole philosophy teaching the control of the mind and spirit as well as the body. This on itself is the great proof that mastering yoga will help you master any other sport too. Yoga teaches determination and control which is necessary for adrenaline sports like kitesurfing, surfing or cycling. Here are the 10 reasons why yoga is a great compliment to the adventure sports.

  1. Breathing

    Have you ever got out of breath during an exercise despite the fact that you didn’t really feel ‘tired’? Maybe you got a short breath because of stress? Or perhaps you trying to control your breath better for surfing duck dives and wipeouts? Yoga is the perfect way to improve your breath control. Because you can practice breathing during asanas and with pranayamas, you will get used to synchronize your breath with movement more effectively.

  2. Muscle strengthening

    Yoga is not just a relaxing session, it helps to strengthen the muscles too. Certain sports, tend to work certain muscle parts more than others. In kitesurfing, it may be your legs for holding the edge. Surfers use their upper body more for paddling. In cycling, on the other hand, it may be your glutes that get the most workout. And in wakeboarding your arms.
    To ensure your body is healthy you can work on the other muscles with yoga. Particularly important is strengthening the core muscles that are so important in surfing and kiting.

    hamstringing stretch and back lengthening with yoga session in sri lanka with sunset and palm trees
    Kitesurfing Lanka offers morning and afternoon yoga sessions for kitesurfers and holidaymakers. Book your yoga and kitesurfing holiday now.
  3. Muscle stretching

    If you are a surfer you probably do a quick stretch before getting in the water. Unfortunately, the enthusiasts of other sports like kitesurfing, or wakeboarding are not always stretching before the session.
    Stretching your muscles before the session prevents the injuries. Stretching after the session prevents soreness and preserves muscles in better form for the next session. 

  4. Fascia stretching

    What is fascia? It is a type of a connective tissue enclosing, separating and strengthening the muscles. Although stretching the muscles is fairly easy and popular we don’t often remember to stretch at the deeper level. The feeling of tightness and stiffness is often related to the fascia. Therefore stretching this element of your body will provide a noticeable improvement in the feeling and the performance.  

  5. Balance

    The best balance poses in yoga are the perfect way to train balance for other sports. Surfing or longboarding is a great example of sports in which you need a lot of balance. That is why yoga will help you master the balance. Adrenalin sports and yoga both need balance and control.

    sirsasana yoga headstand balance pose
    In Mannar you can practice yoga looking a the endless kitesurfing lagoon (even upside down it looks great). Book your flat water kitesurfing holiday now.
  6. Symmetry

    Goofy or regular? We are not going to talk about how to know if you are goofy or regular, but we will highlight the fact that in most boardsports we tend to have a ‘dominant side’. The side of the body that takes the lead. Although it is great to know which body side is dominant and be able to do a great trick that side. It disturbs the balance and the symmetry of the body and muscles. As a result, the overgrowth of the muscles on one side may cause some posture modifications and later injuries or pains. Here comes the yoga with its great solution! Everything you do in yoga you do equally. This way your body will be more symmetrical and healthier. So try to always exercise both sides in adrenaline sports and yoga.

  7. Preventing injury

    All of the above says how to prevent sports injury with yoga. Strengthen muscles and a healthy stretch will allow you to minimize the risk of injury during sports. Unfortunately, there are plenty of injuries in the adventure sports. This is why adrenaline sports and yoga are such a great combination.

  8. Post-injury physio

    Have you missed the yoga stretch and incurred the injury already. Don’t worry! Yoga can help to recover from injuries. You will notice that a lot of yoga asanas are similar or even the same as the physio exercises recommended for post injury therapy. Yoga is a great way to get back in shape in a controlled and safe way. Adrenaline sports and yoga therapy can go hand in hand.

  9. Concentration

    There is not much if any room for error in the adventure sports. The more adrenaline the more risk involved, therefore, concentration is the key to master the tricks you working on and withstand the test of endurance. Yoga helps to improve concentration through breathing exercises and meditation. Both adrenaline sports and yoga require a lot of concentration.

    yoga dancer pose
    Training your mind is often harder than training your body. Get in control with yoga.
  10. Relaxation

    Finally the long deserved relaxation. One of the yoga poses; Shavasana will teach you how to completely relax your body and the meditation will calm your mind. This is useful to chill after the session. It will also help you to visualize the progress for the next, even better session.

    meditation yoga with sunset and palms in Sri Lanka
    Yoga platform at Kitesurfing Lanka overlooking the kitesurfing lagoon.

Excited about combining adrenaline sports and yoga during your next adventure? Have a look at our Experiences or ask us where you can do adrenaline sports and yoga at the same time. Looking for yoga and kitesurfing camp, or yoga and surfing holiday, or maybe you need yoga and cycling? We can help you find it!


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