About Us

AirWaterEarth.net or as we like to call it AWE was first created in 2012 as an online sports shop for the Dubai and Middle East customers. Along AWE there was KitesurfDubai.ae, SupDubai.ae and BikeDubai.ae selling Kitesrfing, SUP and cycling equipment for Dubai and the middle east.
As the interest in outdoor sports grew bigger and bigger not only we have noticed we are serving more and more international customers but also our visitors didn’t want to restrict themselves to only one discipline. This is when we decided to merge KitesirfDubai, SupDubai, and BikeDubai into one multi-sport platform AirWaterEarth.net which now expanded from the Middle East to the rest of the world.

Our Interest in Watersports, Boardsports, Extreme Sports and the Outdoor Activities helps us to select the right products and services.

The passion we share for the nature-fueled sports was also the inspiration for our mission statement:

AirWaterEarth is the elemental passion of outdoor women and men for the thrill of natural adventures. We are your global adrenaline platform for booking your next experience and finding the right gear to make it your lifestyle.

At AirWaterEarth the natural forces of life have always been our fuel. Our core values include:

  • Freedom – Do because we want to do
  • Fun – If it gets to be a pain, we’ll do it differently
  • Stay Healthy – No profit is worth it
  • Bootstrap for Independence – Revolutionise the industry
  • Be Proud of our work – Be Part of the bigger Solution
  • Work with People we Like – Like the People, we work with
  • Learn Something New Everyday – Why not
  • Dedication – We’re in this and it is within us
  • Ownership –  All elements of the business are interdependent
  • Top quality products at the best value – We also shop at our shop!
  • WOW and be WOWed – Best Service for the best feedback
  • Give back to our community – Even small things can make a difference

We are a team of people coming not just from different backgrounds but also from different countries. Our far spread team is a tight bond of friendship and hard working ethics. Serving customers across different countries require openness and knowledge of different cultures, that is why we are proud to work across three continents and from over 10 countries. Read more about the amazing people behind the scenes who make the magic happen.

Above all, we are made by you, our loyal customers and like everything in nature we are ever evolving and growing.

Sales & Operations Support

Based out of India. I help to coordinate effort across all Sales & IT functions to support company’s business strategy. Provide insight on e-commerce business to top management for inclusion in overall business plan.

AWE gives me the freedom to “do my thing” and it’s a rarity to be a part of team which supports and encourages your endeavours.

Badminton is my stress buster and yoga “way to live”.

Accountant and number charmer

Based in the Philippines I keep the finances in balance and track sales for better goal setting.

I am dreaming of kitesurfing one day and getting ahead of the Philippines’ water sharks.

Internet is my highway. Staying home is my jam. But the sun is best kisser.

Sales and Marketing and an overall wonderwoman

Originally from Poland now I spend my time travelling and working from different countries and continents.

Digital Nomad, keen kitesurfing instructor and surfer, always with itchy feet on and off the boards.

Being able to exchange with others my passion and knowledge of my favourite sports is what I love most about my job.

Old school kitesurfing tricks and some big air jumps are my favourite in kitesurfing! But secretly I love Surfing even more than kiting.

I love my life. Love yours! Never conform!

Founder and the oh-mighty Creator

I built the company with the passion for outdoor adventure sports and on the foundation of kitesurfing racing experience. I believe in the power of people, so one thing I like about my position in AirWaterEarth.net is the ability to grow the team of enthusiastic and driven teams.
You will see me kitesurfing, surfing, skydiving or freediving in the ocean. Moving is living!

Backend developer, website specialist and a wizard

I come and live in Serbia where I handle two jobs and a family.

I like that in my job I can create something new. The challenges excite me and I love finding solutions for the impossible problems.

My favourite sport is tennis which I love to play in my spare time.
I like to drink fine wine and beer and enjoy the good mood.

Overall I am just AMAZING !!!

Marketing & Design and a cyborg dominator

Originally from Italy, based in Amsterdam, most likely somewhere else in the world in a few years.

Sport & Adrenaline are a big part of my life and working for AWE gives me the possibility to dive more into this wild word of dynamic and fun people :).

As stereotypical as it sounds my favorite sport is football, but I try to experience, as much as I can, all the crazy and exciting sports out there.

I am on a secret mission to save the world from humans. Please don’t tell anyone.

Mary Grace
Dispatch Assistant and a Company Fairy

From Philippines working in Dubai

I like the fact that I can continuously learn at AWE.

My favourite sport is basketball

Assistant Web Producer for AWE and a magician that bring the products to life

Currently I am based in my home country Serbia but my life-dream is Portugal

The best in my role is the chance to explore something new. I like to see progress in what I do. Also I am happy when I see a page with products I added getting happy visitors.

I love skiing and winter. I’m a passionate skier and I adore riding on a motorcycle in beautiful areas.

Beside  two jobs I do for living I’m studying at master studies in computer science. During my life, I changed my interests. I studied psychology for two years, and I graduated in economics. I have always wanted to develop at all levels and learn different things.

I have great family, two children and amazing husband. They are my my treasure and  my inspiration.

Customer and Partner Service/Logistics Support and a heartwinner

Based in the Philippines.  I support AWE’s remote operations by communicating with customers and suppliers, manage invoicing and payments from customers and managing our shipment and fulfillment. Receiving customers’ feedbacks about how happy they are because of quick delivery is very fulfilling to me 🙂

I am not into a specific sport. Way back in High School and College, I enjoyed doing badminton, volleyball and Gymnastics and compete. But when I started working remotely and study at the same during my last year in college, I became very homebody. I am homebody and introvert and adventurous at the same time 🙂 I am a Licensed Secondary Mathematics Teacher and currently, I am taking up my Masters Degree in Mathematics Education.

I am always looking forward to try Kitesurfing someday and SKYDIVING! These activities will be very exciting to a very clumsy lady and who has fear in high 🙂